maintains adherence to standards regarding website security that the industry generally accepts with the purpose of protecting information that is sensitive or personal. This includes information being directly submitted to our website, though the transfer of that information and the process after which this information has been received. With this being said, please be advised that there is absolutely no guarantee of complete security when transmitting or processing data over the internet, as well as any electronic storage method for this data. remains committed in taking every effort possible to protect and store all information that the users sends the website through the use of universally acceptable and stringent security measures.

Any and all information considered personal or sensitive that the user sends to will be stored on servers the website uses which are located within the regions of New Zealand. If you provide any information and date to the website for the purposes of registering an account or applying for services and products, we practice the use of software and technology that will encrypt this data with secure socket layer systems, otherwise known as SSL. always uses SSL in an effort to show the website’s dedication to the security of all users, and we strive to remain transparent in doing so. When information and data are sent to the website for various purposes, we consider such to be an asset to the site. Therefore, we acknowledge that information and data must be protected from any type of security threat that would effectively disrupt or compromise the operation of and impact its users from unauthorized usage.

The website we provide utilizes many different security resources and their services as part of our effort to guard your valuable information from threatening parties that are present outside and within the site. However, every user must be aware that it is impossible to guarantee security measures on any website that are completely invincible. All data and information used within this digital medium will still be vulnerable to a certain degree.

All members of the team that is in charge of operating are trained to comply with both the security and privacy polices that have been set forth by the website, and are under obligation to do so. Our team understands and is dedicated to the importance of user information and the required procedures needed to protect it. Therefore, if a scenario comes to light of any member of the team either straying from guidelines or participating in unauthorized use of any information, action will be taken to correct any issues, which may include termination and legal action. If you have any additional questions that relate to how we operate and our security measures, do not hesitate in contacting us to discuss the matter.