Outlined here is the agreement for users that will include any conditions and terms as they relate to using our website which is under the name Auszplay.com. If for any reason you, the user, and any user or users, are using the website and are unable to agree with the established conditions and terms, please immediately stop using the website and its services. It remains the sole responsibility of the user to carefully read and agree to terms that have been put forth in this agreement.

The website and any services it contains may only be used by individuals who are 18 years old or older. If you are not at least 18 years of age and cannot enter into any sort of contract, you do not have permission to use the website. If you have any issues with material that may potentially be offensive, you will not be permitted to access the site. If you are using the website within the regions of a country where certain content provided may not be legal, you do not have permission for use of the site. Any user who chooses to access and use the website is doing so at their own risk based on ordinances and laws of the local region.

There is a possibility that Auszplay.com will make changes and updates to certain statements or content that this agreement contains, and doing so will come with no prior notification whatsoever. All new updates take immediate effect at the time and date they are published on the website. It is the responsibility of the user to review and remain in agreement with the content of the terms to stay within permission to access the site. If you are unable to agree with and accept any new updates or changes to content provided in this documentation, you are no longer permitted to use the website.

If you are using the services and related pages for Auszplay.com, you are obligated to adhere to any terms that have been outlined in order to stay within compliance. Operators of this website have the right to suspend or terminate any account of users without prior notice and at the discretion of the site. Using this website will be based on an agreement to not use the site or any of its pages for activities which are prohibited or illegal. Signing up for the website indicates that you are honestly stating your eligibility to use the site and any services offered. Information that is false or misleading can result in the termination of an account without notice or approval.

When using the website at Auszplay.com, you are under obligation not to harass, insult, threaten, or violate the rights of any other users. Additionally, you are prohibited from spamming, sending chain letters, and taking part in pyramid schemes or any type of disreputable business practice. You are not permitted to post links that lead to any outside website containing adult material or offensive material, which includes sites with profane content. You may not use or share copyrighted software unless you have the express consent of the software’s creator to do so. Any software that may be harmful to the operation of the website is prohibited. If any illegal activities do occur on the website, operators of Auszplay.com will cooperate with authorities and release relevant information of users who are in violation of terms. The website is protected under copyright laws and users may not copy, sell, or distribute the site for any other purposes besides those stated in the agreement.

Creating an account at Auszplay.com will be free for you as a user of the website, but if certain services or products are offered for purchase you will be charged the appropriate fees. Users will have an opportunity to review pricing and fees as they related to any product or service, including itemized documentation. Any costs incurred by the voluntary acceptance of these products or services will be the responsibility of the user. The costs and fees from Auszplay.com will be subject to change and they can be updated or modified.

If you remain a user at website and your eligibility stays consistent, your account and its information will be active for use indefinitely. Auszplay.com reserves every right to suspend or terminate an account regardless of activity and without any notice prior to taking action. When your account is terminated, your stored data and information is deleted and you will no longer have access to it. The website is under no obligation to maintain the information from any terminated account.

Any questions or comments with these terms and conditions can be addressed by contacting us. We are willing to work with the user to ensure that this agreement is followed and any special situations are acknowledged. Any exception to the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties must be in writing and certified. If you would like inquire about anything else related to the agreement, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.